Television Guide For Family – Is It Bad for Babies to Watch TV ?

Is It Bad for Babies to Watch TV

The need for television monitoring for you and your family

What urges you to switch on and stare the bright screen of your television? The answer would be to save yourself from boredom or to refresh or rejuvenate your mind, or relieve stress, etc. well, these are all empty statements. You don’t need a reason for watching tv; you grab the remote, search for something interesting to spend your precious time on it, which could be invested in something more productive and promising.

By watching tv, you wish to experience a virtual life, all the emotions, problematic situations, which may or may not be too realistic to real life. You immerse yourself into that virtual box and hope to be freed or obtain a short span of relief from your worries of life. It’s something that you do on a daily basis. Hence it strongly influences your mind. Therefore, it’s essential for you to decide wisely, whether you want your account to be fed with trash or positive stash. It becomes a more sensible choice for the young ones in your family, as the years between 3-16 are the peak years for the overall growth of a child, it’s going to stage their future.

Is it bad for babies to watch tv

As for the babies between the age 0-18 months, letting them watch tv is like feeding them with mental junk. Parents often love to see their babies swiping fingers on mobile devices, or reacting to programs presented on tv; they want their babies to become smart and wise. But they don’t realize the negative aspects of it. Things learned by swiping screens or playing with buttons does not translate to real-world learning. Facial expressions, interactive body actions, are the purest and proven sources of learning for babies, a baby learns something by feel, touch, and observation. This can be only done by making them interact with other people as much as possible, same is the case with toddlers. They tend to observe the most minute details of their surroundings.

Watching tv makes them lose their discipline towards concentration because a tv screen is amongst the most uncertain things you can have, it continuously keeps changing. Hence it is essential to make the most idealistic choice for your children. You can do it by restricting them to watch the things which are useful. You can select an excellent educational program, more rightly said, a well-designed educational and interactive tv program, on any subject of interest like science, math, problem-solving, general facts, which will help them to teach a conscious thought process towards that subject. One of the most popular interactive programs for the kids is Dora the Explorer, art attack by Disney, etc.

These programs turn out to be more useful for children when they watch it with their parents. You can help them with facts and figures, helping them to answer their difficult questions. You can try to work out on the following points to have harmless digital media experience for your family:

  • Try to place the tv set or the desktop pcs at your home in the hall area, so that it’s full and open, and more helpful on keeping an eye on what your kid is watching, keep the screens away from the bedrooms, or closed small rooms.
  • Limit the time your kid spends on television. Try to set reminders to limit the entertainment to an hour. Just after watching tv, if possible, make them indulge in outdoor activities, such as playing a sport, going for a walk, etc.
  • If available, enable the option of parental control across all your digital devices including television. You can rule out the programs or channels out of the secondary parental control viewing list which is not aged appropriate, such as programs with violence, extreme language, containing exciting and obscene scenes, etc.
  • Restrict the usage of all kinds of digital devices to daytime only. As digital devices emit the infamous blue light, which affects the retina of the eye producing trouble in sleep accompanied by other health problems.
  • Try using 4K TV with incredible contrast, and image quality is one option to avoid eye health problems. You can find 40 inch led tv top 5 best tips for this case.

Adults too require to monitor themselves on digital devices.

  • First of all, they should restrict the amount of time spent out of work on these devices, because work is essential. Try to avoid watching tv while eating, avoid watching tv or checking devices for emails just before sleeping, etc.
  • Beware of the content you are waiting on tv. Whether the program you watching has a substantial impact on your mind, does it bring positive changes in you, or make you learn something new or not. If you observe any adverse effects, you must avoid watching it; these effects tend to affect your daily routine at the workplace, which may affect your performance.
  • Make the right choice of movies. Always check the movie rating and reviews before you watch. Try not to watch movies that disturb your mind, make you develop deep negative thoughts; it is best to avoid them.
  • Prefer to watch comedy shows at the end of the day. It makes you feel light and freshens the mood after a hard day’s work.

Television has its own positive and negative effects. It can be both a boon or a destructive tool affecting the mental health of you and your family. People often neglect the ill effects of television, then don’t even get to realize them in the first place. Because it’s something that piles up and accumulates bit by bit, like regular habits. Hence it is important to be serious and take proper measures before it is too late.

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