How to Choose A Good Blender for Smoothies

blender for smoothies

Taking care of our health is essential for everyone. Therefore, making a healthy smoothie and milkshakes is very important, and we must add to our daily routine.

On this article, I want to tell you about my experience. When I started making my juices and smoothie. I did it with a cheap glass blender and the result is not good quality of smoothie.

Blending process was somewhat tedious and not very clean to say. Also at the end always had to strain it so that my family (especially children) would take it eagerly.

So I decided to take some investigation a bit about how to improve the way to create my milkshakes and juices, and I decided to buy a good blender, sturdy, easy to clean and able to remove all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. My choice and recommendation for this is a cold blender, although you will see that there are many more alternatives.

I want to make the task easier by telling you in my blog everything I’ve read and learned so that you can make the right decision when buying a blender for smoothie. I will tell you what kind of aspect that the top blender for smoothies must have including the price, their characteristics and the best brands (such as Vitamix blenders, Philips blenders, etc.).

And now for the definitive guide to buying a blender that suits your needs and budget.

What characteristics do you value to buy a blender?

1. Power

It is a common sense that the higher the energy from the machine the better the quality. The new blender models with low-medium power (300w to 600w) work very well, and it is not always essential to buy the most powerful blender.

The minimum is blenders with a power of 300w, but we recommend you choose a model from 500w. That yes, the higher the power, the more types of fruit and vegetables you will be able to liquefy without problems. Of course, we must be realized that the higher power, the higher the electricity consumption.

2. Capacity of Jar

When looking for a jar that can depend on your personal requirement, but usually the bigger, the better. Still, you have to think about the space you can give in the kitchen and also have to take into account the people you are going to use.

If you are only going to make 2 glasses of smoothie each time, then you will not need a large jar blender and with a capacity between 1 liter to 1 liter and a half will be enough.

If you are one of those who makes many juices at once, then we recommend a large blender (from 2 to 2.5 liters) to avoid having to empty it continuously and have all your juices ready.

3. The Lid of Jar

Even if it doesn’t look like it’s something vital, this part is quite making a difference. Especially when you have to include whole pieces of fruit in the middle of the blending process, you will have to cut into small pieces that fit with the hole.

4. Cleaning

The cleaning of a blender is one of the tasks that give you the most laziness when you get the juice you want in the mornings.

So it will be of great importance to choose a model that will allow you to dismantle the blender as much as possible and easy to clean.

The good thing about the new models is that the vast majority allows you to dismantle and wash these parts in the dishwasher. Note that the model you like has this feature and people who have already used good opinions about it.

5. Functionalities

Something important but not essential is the addition of automatic programs. Each new model, on all the most expensive, incorporates an extensive series of specific programs to make juices by type of fruit, milkshakes, etc.

It’s a great thing but you can also enjoy a blender with the type on and off buttons and speed controller. Or you can check Blendtec blenders which all have a touch and scroll controls like a smartphone. At the end, It all depends on your preference and your budget.

Other notable features to consider would be those of the anti-accident and anti-splash safety lock.

6. Design and materials

Depending on the cost of the blender, you can find very different models. Cheap blenders will tend to be hard plastic and the high end add a better finish with more robust materials (usually stainless steel) that gives a higher quality feeling and usually tend to have a longer duration.

Sometimes investing something else in a more expensive model is ultimately cheaper. And we say it from experience.

Television Guide For Family – Is It Bad for Babies to Watch TV ?

Is It Bad for Babies to Watch TV

The need for television monitoring for you and your family

What urges you to switch on and stare the bright screen of your television? The answer would be to save yourself from boredom or to refresh or rejuvenate your mind, or relieve stress, etc. well, these are all empty statements. You don’t need a reason for watching tv; you grab the remote, search for something interesting to spend your precious time on it, which could be invested in something more productive and promising.

By watching tv, you wish to experience a virtual life, all the emotions, problematic situations, which may or may not be too realistic to real life. You immerse yourself into that virtual box and hope to be freed or obtain a short span of relief from your worries of life. It’s something that you do on a daily basis. Hence it strongly influences your mind. Therefore, it’s essential for you to decide wisely, whether you want your account to be fed with trash or positive stash. It becomes a more sensible choice for the young ones in your family, as the years between 3-16 are the peak years for the overall growth of a child, it’s going to stage their future.

Is it bad for babies to watch tv

As for the babies between the age 0-18 months, letting them watch tv is like feeding them with mental junk. Parents often love to see their babies swiping fingers on mobile devices, or reacting to programs presented on tv; they want their babies to become smart and wise. But they don’t realize the negative aspects of it. Things learned by swiping screens or playing with buttons does not translate to real-world learning. Facial expressions, interactive body actions, are the purest and proven sources of learning for babies, a baby learns something by feel, touch, and observation. This can be only done by making them interact with other people as much as possible, same is the case with toddlers. They tend to observe the most minute details of their surroundings.

Watching tv makes them lose their discipline towards concentration because a tv screen is amongst the most uncertain things you can have, it continuously keeps changing. Hence it is essential to make the most idealistic choice for your children. You can do it by restricting them to watch the things which are useful. You can select an excellent educational program, more rightly said, a well-designed educational and interactive tv program, on any subject of interest like science, math, problem-solving, general facts, which will help them to teach a conscious thought process towards that subject. One of the most popular interactive programs for the kids is Dora the Explorer, art attack by Disney, etc.

These programs turn out to be more useful for children when they watch it with their parents. You can help them with facts and figures, helping them to answer their difficult questions. You can try to work out on the following points to have harmless digital media experience for your family:

  • Try to place the tv set or the desktop pcs at your home in the hall area, so that it’s full and open, and more helpful on keeping an eye on what your kid is watching, keep the screens away from the bedrooms, or closed small rooms.
  • Limit the time your kid spends on television. Try to set reminders to limit the entertainment to an hour. Just after watching tv, if possible, make them indulge in outdoor activities, such as playing a sport, going for a walk, etc.
  • If available, enable the option of parental control across all your digital devices including television. You can rule out the programs or channels out of the secondary parental control viewing list which is not aged appropriate, such as programs with violence, extreme language, containing exciting and obscene scenes, etc.
  • Restrict the usage of all kinds of digital devices to daytime only. As digital devices emit the infamous blue light, which affects the retina of the eye producing trouble in sleep accompanied by other health problems.
  • Try using 4K TV with incredible contrast, and image quality is one option to avoid eye health problems. You can find 40 inch led tv top 5 best tips for this case.

Adults too require to monitor themselves on digital devices.

  • First of all, they should restrict the amount of time spent out of work on these devices, because work is essential. Try to avoid watching tv while eating, avoid watching tv or checking devices for emails just before sleeping, etc.
  • Beware of the content you are waiting on tv. Whether the program you watching has a substantial impact on your mind, does it bring positive changes in you, or make you learn something new or not. If you observe any adverse effects, you must avoid watching it; these effects tend to affect your daily routine at the workplace, which may affect your performance.
  • Make the right choice of movies. Always check the movie rating and reviews before you watch. Try not to watch movies that disturb your mind, make you develop deep negative thoughts; it is best to avoid them.
  • Prefer to watch comedy shows at the end of the day. It makes you feel light and freshens the mood after a hard day’s work.

Television has its own positive and negative effects. It can be both a boon or a destructive tool affecting the mental health of you and your family. People often neglect the ill effects of television, then don’t even get to realize them in the first place. Because it’s something that piles up and accumulates bit by bit, like regular habits. Hence it is important to be serious and take proper measures before it is too late.

The Best Housewarming Gifts to Always Consider

Best Housewarming Gifts

Moving to a new apartment is one of the most challenging but at the same time exciting moments. Thinking of how you’re going to adapt to life in the new environment that you are not used to is such a hurdle.

To your friends, throwing a bash for the so-called housewarming is always one of the things running in their minds.
But to sum it all, giving you some of the gifts for the new home is always top of the list for many friends.
However, it is never a ride on the park to find the suitable gifts for someone who is moving into a new house.

What happens is that you can always be spoilt for choice because chances are still high he or she already has the particular present you’re thinking of buying.
Tentatively, it could be a particular present that probably does not augur well with the setting of the new home you were accustomed.

In that case, we want to help you to make it possible for you to choose the ideal present that you can take to a friend regardless of the setting of the house of their preference.
Some of these gifts are relatively affordable hence no apparent excuse for meeting the budget. Let us have a look;

1. A nice plaid

Plaid is one of the housewarming presents that portrays treasure. It is something that every homeowner would love to have because it has something to offer.
It gives the living room a fancy look given that you can use it even when resting on the couch. This kind of gift is essential because it relieves the possible stress of unlikelihood to fit the décor into the new apartment.
It is a gift that can also be stored inside your close hence you do not have to worry about storage. Furthermore, this particular gift is relatively affordable especially when you shop it from reliable dealers.

2. A beautiful vase

A beautiful vase is another essential housewarming gift that you may consider buying from a friend. It is a precious gift since it also portrays treasure and dignity.
The only problem with this particular gift is that many people often have various types of vases in their homes.
It thus becomes somewhat difficult to determine which one should best suit the new home even if they already have some.
The secret, in this case, is to know the homeowner extensively together with their taste and preference so that it becomes easy to identify the particular vase to purchase and present to them.
A beautiful vase has a way of arousing the atmosphere in the new home giving it life as well as the agile to stay.
When buying a vase, ensure that you also purchase a few flowers to allow the vessel to integrate immediately with the surrounding.

3. A trendy tea towel

Many people often see this particular type of cloth as an insignificant gift to buy for someone. Let me tell you; it is the small things like the tea towel that make a significant difference in people’s lives.
Look for trendy tea towels that have your pal’s favourite colours. Purchase a dozen that probably contains a special message.
Trust me; they will always remember this gift for as long as they are alive. In fact, they can be inspired enough to call you the next time they want to purchase such products to direct them to correct places where they can obtain them.
For that reason, never underestimate the power of a trendy tea towel as a housewarming present.

4. A job book!

New house comes with new chores. You will realise that your friend has moved to a new apartment that requires them to start doing many tasks such as gardening, lawn maintenance and others.
It is therefore essential to consider buying a beautiful house job book so that they can be able to learn from it and perform the various tasks outlined.
However, you need to ensure that the particular book you are buying is fascinating such that he or she will find it enjoyable whenever they are reading it.

5. A balcony barbecue!

A balcony barbecue is arguably the best housewarming present that you can ever give to a friend who is relocating for the first time to a house with a balcony.
In this case, the chances are high that they do not have this kind of appliance and giving it to them is the surest way of making their life happy.
It is a memorable gift and trusts me they will always be remembering you anytime they plan to use it for different culinary tasks. This is an appliance that your friend will always be using anytime they feel like having an outdoor meal.

6. A funny doormat

Just like I had mentioned earlier, small things like the doormats make great gifts, especially for housewarming event.
The chances are high that they already have a myriad of doormats, so you need to be creative in your selection or when making one.
This kind of gift should have some funny statements that will always attract attention whenever the visitors are at home.

7. A garden gnome

A garden gnome is an ideal present for a friend who is shifting to a new house with a garden. You need to understand the friend deeply before moving to give this particular gift.
Moreover, you also need to be innovative enough in choosing the particular design for this specific present so that it can suit the taste and preference of the intended recipient.

8. A gift voucher

Giving a gift voucher is also an ideal way especially when you are not sure of the type of gift to carry to your friend.
This allows them to go and shop for whatever gift they think suits them. It is also essential for someone you are not sure of their taste and preference.

So rather than gambling with a gif you’re not confident they will like or dislike, you better issue them a gift voucher and later on make theirs on selection.

How to Create Creative Border Designs for School Projects At Home

border designs

Hi, I’m Patricia, and I’m pleased to welcome you to the latest instalment of our paper crafting series. I’m going to tell you how to make create creative border designs with eyelets and ribbon for my kids school project at home. What you need to do first of all is deciding which sort of eyelet setter you want to use. There’s numerous type of the market now. You’ve got the traditional eyelet setter on the end that you put into the back of the eyelet whack it with a hammer. There are currently spring-loaded ones that work in the same way you put it into the eyelet, and you whack it. If your children go to bed early, don’t want to do something as noisy as that.

Make creative border lines first

I’d suggest using one of the devices. This is a device that not only punches the holes also sets the iron. It’s called a proper doll.I’m going to show you how to make this decorative border to start with is twisted ribbon held in place with eyelets. There are other methods you can use. These are just loops of ribbon little ribbon tails, and these are ribbon tails topped off with the length of ribbon so you can’t see the fold underneath it. If you use a high-quality grosgrain ribbon, it would be better. Because it means you can cut through with art and it doesn’t fray the fabrics. I have marked out my piece of card first of all with three-centimetre gaps. I’m going to turn that over because I have killed it with that toilet setter.

If you take a piece of ribbon now because you’re going to need a bit of play because you’re going to miss that ribbon. I suggest you mark your fabric at four-centimetre gaps. So we’ll give it a bit of a tail and then we’ll score four centimetres there. Let’s just cut it off. I’ve used quite a thick gel pen to mark the ribbon. You can see yet where it’s come through pencil doesn’t seem to do it. I always cut ribbon into an arrowhead because it does prevent fraying.
It is something my mother usually do to my hair’s child when putting ribbons in.

So if you find your first mark punch your hole in it. Trim away any excess. Choose your eyelet and let’s fix it through the ribbon and into the early hole on your piece of card. And with the crop-a-file when you’ve set an aperture, there’s a convenient knob. Mainly that you could stick your eyelet over, and then you crimp it shut. I felt a little thin place. If you then punch your next hole in your piece of ribbon on the mark, cut away any bits that haven’t been quite cut. Take your next eyelet and before you put it, in turn, your fabric over. Now I’ve used a double sided ribbon, so you’ve got colour on one side and a pattern on the other.

Place it in and place it onto the crop-a-dile and then you can continue or all along. So that your ribbon is twisted and what you end up with is this decorative border here. This one is in the same way. I’ve made the gaps in the card two and a half centimetres apart. The differences in the ribbon three centimetres apart. So that you’ve got enough of a loop and in fact, you could use that as some store relation airy thing. I could put pens in there, and then this one here is the tabs you know a lot the sort of badges that you know is everything. These are five-centimetre lengths of ribbon fold in half punched. Then just placed carefully apart and same with that very easy and look very pretty. They’ll be great long scrapbook pages or on the edges of cards.

You can see my this step in this video.